Sunday, November 21, 2010

Backtrack a few weeks....

I know, I know, everyone has moved on to Christmas - and so have I in many ways, even have some of my decorations up - but since I've been neglecting my blog, I haven't gotten around to posting the photos from Pickle Pants' Halloween Birthday party and Halloween Night!

Here are the treat bags from the party. Chester actually made these. I helped with the stamping and he got busy with the Glimmer Mist! Yep, his fingers were black for at least a week after - but he had fun! Note to self - next time pull out the latex gloves before allowing the younguns to use Glimmer Mist!!!
Pickle Pants in costume #1 - he wore this for the school parade, daycare and for his party.
Here are Pickle Pants and Rock Star concentrating on their game of "chomp the marshmallow". This game was a BIG hit - thanks Amy and Donna for the inspiration for this one. They also enjoyed making Mad Scientist potions - very fun, but very messy! A big thanks also goes out to Amy from for all her help the day of the big Party! You were such a great help Amy!
And here is the "Boo Crew" - consisting of Danderella's two kiddos and my two. Here we have: an elephant, a red M&M (Pickle Pants' second costume), the Ghost Bride and Frankenstein. Don't they look great?

Papa looks like he might be getting a little tired. He found a tiny spot at the edge of the table while the boys were gutting and decorating their pumpkins with Nanny and Auntie.

Here is Mr. M&M posing with Auntie "Witchta's" creation - the scary pumpkin from "Dragon's Halloween". This has to be my favorite pumpkin creation ever! Thanks Auntie!

Special guests on Halloween night were offered Witch's Brew and fingers in addition to treats.

Auntie Witchta herself posing with our resident ghost.....

Meet Daddy Scarecrow - we raided Hubby's closet for his grubbies and nabbed his work boots as well. The hat belongs to Pickle Pants.

Frankenstein posing with Auntie "Witchta". Mom, Krista and I all dressed up this year - we had so much fun "lurking" around in the dark and handing out treats.

Mom thinks I look good in black, but aren't those the best tights you ever saw???
This last one if my favorite - can't you see the three of us brewing a fantastic potion. That is fog you see in the photo - it was really hard to photograph - Mom, Dad and Krista drove up for their visit and so Mom was able to bring her fogger so we could use it Halloween night.

There you have it! A good time was had by all. We totally went overboard this year since I had extra helping hands not only to set it up, but (thankfully) to clean it up as well!
Be back soon with some crafty goodness,
Shanna :)


  1. These pics are awesome! LOVE that three tiered jack-o-lantern!

  2. Great pics!! I bet the kids had a blast!

  3. Looks like you had so much fun! LOVE the decorations!

  4. Wow you guys really do go in for Halloween over there! Looks like a LOT of fun and your costumes are nothing short of spectacular! Jacob and myself would have loved to have joined you but sadly ha had to phase that night so we decided it was best to give it a miss. Maybe next year?
    I'm trying to keep up in blogland at the moment but I am very behind so appologies if I haven't been over in a while. Off to check out you work now....see ya in a bit....


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