Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ski season is here!!!

Oh my, it's Sunday already! Thanks so much for stopping by. I have been visiting your blogs only sporadically on account of the big "to do" list....
Here is a fun gift I made up following this Hot Chocolate recipe. I altered it slightly by adding about two tbsp. icing sugar. Then the next time I made it, I put less white sugar and more icing sugar since I found the white sugar didn't dissolve as well. It is very tasty - you could also leave out the candy cane and replace with mini marshmallows.

LinkMine is certainly not as pretty as the inspiration recipe but next time I will try to pack down my ingredients a little better and wipe with a paper towel to avoid the "mixing".

Anyhow, this little snowman image I had colored happened to match perfectly with my fabric topper. I couldn't help adding this SU felt snowflake that also just happened to match. I plan to make several more of these. I have one half done and want to layer a few more.

I would like to share this over at Wee Memories where the challenge is "Holiday" as well as at Paper Sundaes where the challenge is "Anything Christmas".

I would also like to share over at The Southern Institute for Creative Me Monday.

And finally, a photo of Chester and Doodlepants just before we headed to the ski hill this morning. They were super excited to get started! This was Doodlepants first time on skiis - there were some tears, but he liked it in the end - thank goodness as we plan to spend LOTS of time at the hill this winter! I only lasted until about 2:30 and now have JELLO legs!! OMG - it's one thing to go up the hand tow on your own (even that is hard on the arms), but going up with a 7 year old in tow and skiing together all day is very taxing on the muscles! Don't laugh, I will be crawling instead of walking by tomorrow! Perhaps a warm bath is in order....

Here's hoping you've had a lovely weekend!

Shanna :)


  1. Fab project, thanks for the great idea!
    Thank you for joining us at Paper Sundaes
    Kat xx

  2. Great gift...the ski jiggly legs are the worst!
    Lee-Ann :)

  3. What a wonderful gift, Shanna, yummy!

    Glad you had fun on the slopes! I'm too scared my swimmers would break a limb and be done for the season lol... they're not going out on the slopes :O

    Hope a hot bath (and maybe some Advil?) work wonders for you!

  4. What a sweet project and a couple of cute kids!

  5. Such a cute project!!!!Thanks for playing along with Wee memories!!!


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