Thursday, March 7, 2013

SMASH journal - installment one

 Here are the first few pages of my completed SMASH journal from our trip to Banff, Alberta! (If you would like to see the first few pages completed before the trip, just scroll down a few posts.)I am so impressed how quickly these came together and how super FUN and sort of RANDOM it was! The secret seems to be based on about 3 things: 1) Do some prep (I counted out pages and numbered the days of the trip, added a few maps and stamped a few things here and there, added a few stickers and pockets for interest), 2) journal as you go (everyday if you can, and ask everyone to write something, even it if is quick, short and point-form 3) when home, print pictures in a variety of sizes (wallet size, 4x6, 2 up is especially good!) and stick em in and oh yes, DON'T THINK too HARD! Just do it!!!

First page of day one - lots of journalling as there was lots of hurry up and wait, lol! I was glad of something to do when waiting here and there. I should also say that this size journal worked well as it wasn't too cumbersome to fit into my backpack that I always carry on a plane. I also had a pencil case full containing a variety of coloured ZIG writers and four kinds of washi tape - just had to have it in there!

I have never, ever had so much fun using stickers!!! I do like stickers and some companies make fabulous stickers ( I have a pretty heft collection actually), but I hardly EVER use them!!! That is the other thing I did during the prep part, gather stacks of stickers, rub-ons and stamp sets that would relate in one way or another to my project. That helped when I was pulling it all together. It was FUN to be working on MANY pages all at the same time, I would flip back and forth, add a bit here, a bit freeing and fun! I feel like this is really and truly "back to basics" scrapbooking with the main focus being on the journalling. Well, there is one way to have good, detailed journalling, do it in the moment! I will definitely be doing this sort of project again!

The boys wanted me to take photos of some of the fun displays at the airport. Hubby called me GEEK - so I am, 'bout time he realized it, lol!
If you actually read the journalling, you will see that our skis did not arrive in Calgary with us, but went on to Edmonton before returning just in time for us to catch our shuttle to Banff! Maybe that long wait for the shuttle was a good thing!
Oops, missed a page, will add next post. Here is the first page of day two, the first day skiing!

That's all for tonight, hope to photograph some more pages in the next couple of days. Forgive me if I'm scarce in the visiting department for a bit longer as my sister is arriving with my sweet nephew tomorrow morning! Can't wait to see the both of them. Tomorrow is also officially the last day of school before March break!!! The boys are pumped!

Better run,
Shanna :)


  1. How fabulous! I love that everyone gets to journal in there, what a keepsake!

  2. This is so neat to look at! I think it's so cool to let the boys include their journaling too! What a great way to remember your trip.

    PS I think someone enjoyed the hot tub!

  3. Fab idea to remember a family getaway...can't wait to see it all!! Lee-Ann :)

  4. This smash book is fabulous. Love how you got the boys involved.

  5. ok, as usual, in both blogging and life, i am not only LATE but working BACKWARDS, so pleeeeeeeease forgive me, but ♥WOW♥ i am sooooo thrilled that you had FUN doing this and your whole first paragraph just totally sums up everything i have ever thought about journaling, only you've said it waaaaay more succinctly and brilliantly than i ever could! miss shanna, this has turned out to be a bona fido ♥♥♥MASTERPIECE♥♥♥ i cannot wait to see more (& YEAH, please come NUDGE me if i space out, b/c i would truly not want to miss a single page!)

    ps: i think your sons have a real future as journalers, they clearly got into this... i love the layout of text, and the colors, and the things they chose to document; isn't it funny how the "best part" of any given day can be different to every member of the family, and what a massively cool thing to have a RECORD of what each person thought on this particular trip!

    pss: today was an AWESOME day b/c i got to see this fabulous family travel journal!!! thank you!!! ♥♥♥


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