Friday, January 20, 2012

The Tree

Hello Friday!
Thanks for stopping by. I did survive all the sore muscles last weekend and I am about to do it again..... Cross your fingers for me though - it is currently -24!! and this is the warmest it has been in a couple of days. This morning it was -39 with the windchill, whew! It is supposed to warm up and SNOW (hooray!) but we shall see....

I have been spending very little time at my computer this last while. I hope to get around to visit you very soon!

Today, I would like to share a project that I finished before Christmas.

A group of us organized a baby album for Donna when her precious little boy was born at the end of October. Generally, we make a two page layout (one side is a calendar page to record all the firsts and special events) for each month of the year, starting the month the babe is born and add one extra for the first birthday month as well as a title page and final page. We decided to try to come up with something unique for the album - we brainstormed a few things, but this was the end result.

Let me just say....I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone here and was so nervous to apply paint to a canvas album! However, I think it was worth all the fretting. I am quite pleased with the result, especially since this is the same tree that is on this little guy's nursery wall! You can check it out here if you like.

Now, never mind the tree, isn't he the cutest little guy?

I'll be back soon with the actual layout I did for the album. In the meantime, wish me luck on my board tomorrow! lol

Shanna :)


  1. Gorgeous...I couldn't make the shower...glad to see the album...Lee-Ann :)

    ps..."FLAX GIRL" aka Shanna'a alter ego...Shanna banana.

  2. I am so glad that you stepped out of your comfort zone. I love the tree on the album; especially because it ties into his nursery & done with so much love. It is one of a kind...just like you!

    Of course he is cute....look at his mom (wink, wink).

  3. It's gorgeous Shanna!! and he is beautiful!
    Good luck today!! It has been really cold here too but we are supposed to get rain and plus 5 weather on MOnday ):

  4. wow, it is stunning, I love the tree and the photo is so cute!

    have a great weekend, Debxx


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