Monday, January 23, 2012

With Sympathy and POWDER!!!

Yep, I needed another sympathy card.
Once again, I have turned to my fave quote for these type of cards.

I would like to share this one over at Raise the Bar. I think my card fits the challenge which is "Ring in the New Year" - they are looking for circles on your project. Well, I have polka dots, circular pearl embellishments and many "half" circles around my quote.

I really should make a few more of these to have on hand.

On a fun note, we got to ski in powder yesterday! Whew, that was fun AND really good exercise......I'm feeling it a bit today. Oh and Doodlepants did the best ever faceplant - totally covered in snow - the only thing I could see was his pleading eyes telling me not to laugh at him. If only he could have seen himself!!! Where is that camera when you need it anyhow??? Certainly not in my pocket where I wish it had been! I am so longing to have some pics of us skiing - I've decided I'm gonna do it soon, now that the boys are becoming so independent. I will take the camera up just for a run or two, then take it back to the car. I should mention the big news too = Doodlepants took the chairlift for the first time and learned another new run!!! Yay, now the sky is the limit and the hardest thing will be to keep them off the black diamonds! Not for long though - Chester had me down one (The Main) with him while Doodlepants was in his lesson - yep you heard it a Black Diamond!

Better run, need to get in my craft room and make a birthday card.....or not. Not that I've sat down, I'm starting to get comfy.

Oooops, forgot to say that Doodlepants did not sustain any injuries as a result of his faceplant, except maybe for his pride, since he couldn't understand why his big brother didn't wipeout as was a very large drift of undisturbed powder!

Shanna :)

What I used:
papers: Kaiser Craft - Up, up and Away
stamp: "Eskimo Folklore" from River City Rubber Works


  1. Nice Sympathy card. Especially like the embellishing & stitching. Thanks for entering at Raise the Bar.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"
    Guest Bar-Tender at Raise the Bar

  2. Great sympathy the sentiment. Sounds like fun was had by all skiing. I don't like to ski in to much powder...I always feel like I'm going to trip? ps...glad you skipped the flax your latest baking...if you didn't...I might have to report you for child abuse...forced flax feeding!

  3. sorry to hear that you needed a sympathy card.

    love the story of the wipeout - definitely bring your camera next time :D


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