Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome TJ and sore muscles...

Whew, what a weekend!!! It was fun, fun, fun, but I have sore, sore, sore muscles!!! lol It's okay though since it's all in the name of our motto for the season - "Embrace Winter" - sorta like, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Since we get the cold and snow no matter what we do and how much we complain, we may as well get out there and figure out a way to enjoy it!!!

We spent most of the day Saturday and all of today out at the ski hill. Doodle Pants learned to ride the T bar and went down his first "real run" besides the bunny hill and I got to test out my new snowboard while we both gave up keeping up with Chester! Yep, you heard it, I decided to get one and just do it! As of last weekend, Doodlepants had been reluctant to even think about going up the chair lift and was sticking to the bunny hill. Okay, I thought I won't rush him. Meantime though, the bunny run was getting a bit old for me, so I decided to get me a board and play around with it since I had to be hanging out at the bunny hill anyhow. So, I tried it out Saturday and a few runs again today - I did pretty good all things considered and didn't make a complete fool of myself, but my bottom is just a bit bruised. Since the last thing you want to do on a board is face-plant, you tend toward leaning back a bit and that means that every so often you land hard on your behind!!! Ouch! Just figures that today, Doodlepants declared he was ready for the t bar - he says he is doing the chairlift next weekend - I had figured on a few weeks of boarding on the bunny hill, lol. Okay, so I can do it on skis, but if I ever want to snowboard again I had better get it quick!

On to the crafty stuff! Here is the card I made for the arrival of Donna's little guy - this one was signed by everyone who went in on the group gift we organized. I really enjoyed working with these fun papers!

And here is the inside.

Using the same papers, here is the tag I made to go on the flowers that a couple of us sent when he arrived. I apologize for the "not so good" photos as I was in a hurry and had to take these at work where the lighting was less than adequate.
And here is the back where we signed our names. Stay tuned for more baby-themed items.

I am heading out of town in the AM, but hope to visit you soon!

I hope you are managing to EMBRACE WINTER, whatever that may mean to you!
As for me, I think I'll take a couple of advil and head to bed! Fresh air makes you soooo tired! lol
Shanna :)

What I used:
papers: Simple Stories - Baby Steps


  1. Oh my what a fabulous post, you really used those papers well!

  2. sounds like a fun weekend!
    your card and tag are absolutely stunning, love them both, the papers are so perfect and I love the sentiment inside the card!

  3. My card and tag are gorgeous! I love this paper line and I love how you embellished both items (especially the stitches and the metal hand print).

    As for embracing's called hibernate in your scrap room and wait until the snow and cold passes!

    Just kidding.....well not really, but I am proud of you for getting out in the fresh, COLD air. I will admire you from my cozy, WARM house.

    Love Always, Donna

  4. What a gorgeous card and tag, Shanna! Love those papers!

    Sounds like fun on the hill. You're braver than me, trying snowboarding :)

  5. Beautiful card and tag Shanna!!! That is fabulous paper!
    You are such a good sport!! I'm too much of a chicken to just go for it!! Lee likes to snowboard though and he is hoping to get the kids into it.


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