Saturday, July 17, 2010

Adventures in Grocery Shopping.......

So we needed some groceries amongst other things and since hubby is teaching in-class this weekend, the boys and I decided to venture out this aft to take care of business. Because we needed a few misc items that you can't get at the regular grocery store, we had to go to the big one and it always takes longer. We started with the list, writing things down as I did various chores this morning and worked in the kitchen. We gathered up the re-usable grocery bags and decided we would stop for lunch at Tim Horton's rather than make yet another mess in the kitchen. I also needed some cocoa bean mulch for the garden, so we took a side trip to the Nursery for that and swung by home to drop it off before carrying on. (I drive a Nissan Versa and although it is rather spacious for a car, there is far from enough room for two bags of cocoa mulch plus groceries.) On the way home to make the drop-off there was a "funny smell" - when I inquired, I was assured it was a "skunk." When we stopped at home, of course, I asked if anyone needed the bathroom - no takers. So, we were fed and organized, list in hand.

As we pull into the grocery store, Pickle Pants says "I have to go p-oh-oh-p!" (He always spells it.) I say, gee we were just at home! Urgh. We grab our cart and head for the bathroom before we even hit the first aisle. We head to the toiletry section and find the essentials. Chester and Pickle Pants are being great listeners thus far. After a few minutes though, they start to get bored. Chester says, "How about I give you a cow ride Pickle Pants?" I make the mistake of saying "What's that?" "Well," says Chester, "I can down on my four legs and Pickle Pants rides on my back." They go on to demonstrate this fun and entertaining game as I giggle and say, "Not in the grocery store, let's do that at home!"

We head to the office supplies section to pick up something for Dad, the boys have fun checking out the section with the birthday party favors etc. Did you know they have "Eclipse" party favors and party stuff - plates, napkins, bookmarks and magnets!!! I also picked up a set of Cars Bday invites for .34 cents or something ridiculous thinking, gee do I really NEED to make all those Bday invites when you can buy eight of them for .34 cents?!?! The boys really wanted to buy me all the Eclipse goodies, but I politely declined as they snuck balloon pumps into the cart. Lucky I noticed and sent them back to put them away.

After several more attempts to sneak items into the cart, we arrive at the checkout - there is a girl just opening her till and invites me over - jackpot! This is Saturday afternoon afterall, sometimes you can spend a lot of time in line - not so fun with two anxious and energetic boys! We are doing pretty good until the boys get happy with the button on the conveyor belt. In frustration, I end up sitting them on the little part when you put the bags to pack them and make them stay until I'm finished - it's one of those stores where you pack your own stuff. Just as I'm finishing packing things up, Pickles Pants says, "I have to p-oh-oh-p!" I say, "What?" Pickle Pants says, "I didn't go the first time!" "Urgh," I say, "you will have to wait until we get home." (It isn't too far.)

We arrive home and we start unpacking. The boys decide to ride their bikes. "Pickle Pants," I say, "I thought you had to go..." "Not anymore," he says. Needless to say, I insisted that he head to the loo. Well, we survived, but narrowly. Now to put it all away!!!

I'll be back with a "real" post on Sunday morning for Paper Sundaes!

Happy Saturday!
Shanna :)


  1. Oh this is a story i know too well. It is like my life in parallel but on the other side of the Atlantic! BD always needs to "do a brown poo-poo" (do we really need the adjective?) slap bang in the middle of meal times. Their timing is impeccable!
    I've left you something on my blog and I don't mean Jacob!!
    Linds xx

  2. Isn't it fun shopping with little kids? I was worried there was going to be an unpleasant ending to your story, glad you made it home safely! ;)

  3. I'll say it again, that picklepants really cracks me up. I think I can really enjoy your stories because my kids are teens and these irritating/funny things don't happen to me any more...funny enough, you actually miss them.

  4. I think you should have snappy scrappy spend a whole day with pickle pants, then we shall see how much she enjoys all the stories when she is sharing them with us.

    You make me appreciate my 12 year old daughter more and more every day.

    Love, Donna


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