Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's in a name???

Happy Thursday!

My bloggy friend and fellow Twilight fan, Loopey Lindsey wants to know - why Banana? Well, there is a reason. Let's face it, my name is a little different. I love that it is different, but people have a hard time getting it right....I have been called many things over the years: Sheena, Shaina, Sharon, Shannon, but rarely did people pronounce my name properly. To add to the confusion, my best friend in elementary school was Shannon. I often got in trouble in school for not responding to the teacher when in fact the teacher was calling me the wrong name! To make it even more interesting, my new sister-in-law is named Shannon as well! When I first met my main man - now hubby, this really irked him. It was so cute how upset he would get when people got it wrong. "Names are important" he would say to me. His solution was to start telling people, "it rhymes with banana - Shanna Banana". Low and behold, this usually works! However, I never really thought much about the rhyming part until recently. I had made reservations at a B&B for a work trip and the hostess was having trouble with my name, so I said, "Shanna like Banana." Oh, she said and wrote it down. When I arrived I had a really good giggle, because on the little chalkboard at the entrance she had wrote "Welcome Shanana!"

As for the card, I was playing around last Friday and came across this gorgeous "see thru" ribbon that I've had in my stash since forever and decided to play. Since I had this Sweet Leaf colored paper out already from some other cards I was making, I went ahead and put them together. The quote is one of my all time favorites and is especially relevant to me since it is a Helen Keller quote. I apologize for the photo - my imaging program is acting up and keeps cropping out 90% of the photo - I'm not really good at this stuff, so am prolly doing it wrong, but I gave up rather than get super frustrated and am just posting the photo as is.

I just thought I'd share this one since I uploaded it at the same time as my card. I was visiting a friend one night last week and spotted this gorgeous double rainbow in the sky on the way home. Can you believe it was even brighter before I managed to snap this? The second one is rather faint in the photo, but it was quite bright as well.

Better run for now, next post I'll explain how Pickle pants and Chester got their on-line names. :)
Shanna :)

p.s. Ann over at Creative Antics is offering up some blog candy for her blogoversary! Check it out here! Check out her current post as well, her card is adorable!


  1. Your card is stunning, Shanana! ;) Awesome rainbow pic, too!

  2. Love the card....and that photo - WOW! You got a great shot!!! daughter's name is SHANNON. (I call her Shannon-Bannanon). Heehee.

  3. I just have to laugh at your story. My heart goes out to you as people never believe my first name is real and no one can pronounce Bliatout, lol. Your card is just lovely though! Have a fabulous weekend.

  4. Ahhhh! I was was a rhyme! Thanks Banana. Love the card and that ribbon....well! how on earth has it stayed intact in your stash for ages? it is so gorgeous!
    WE are off to a wedding this weekend so i'll catch up when we are back. Hopefully I won't show myself up and there won't be any stories to post!
    Linds xx

  5. You know I love this card. The clear ribbon was made for this card.

    That person had to of had a hard time printing Shanana because I really had to concentrate when I just did it.

    Fabulous rainbow photo. They aren't easy to shoot.

  6. Love the card, love the quote. The rainbow pic is just cool. Shanana, please, was this work trip in Canada? How embarassing, we're supposed to be smart...

  7. Love your card with that sentiment. LOL sweet leaf is my fave!!! Love your rainbow pic too!

  8. Lovely card, that ribbon is so pretty!

    That's such a funny story and it's the same way my hubby's family got people to pronounce his little sister's name right. To this day she still gets called Janna Banana at times! Love it ;)

  9. love the double rainbow and got a giggle out of shananananana :D


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