Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!!

Just a quick post for today as we are heading to a Canada Day BBQ soon! Hoping the weather will hold, it started to rain a few minutes ago - rain won't work so well with the bouncy castle that has been arranged to keep the kiddos occupied! However, I know Danderella has some great stuff planned including face painting and fab BBQ fare, so it will be a good time regardless of the weather!

Here is the clipboard I made for the big kid's teacher. Apparently she loved it, so I'm thrilled that I took the time to make it. Very similar to the other one, just using different papers from the same Grade school DCWV pack. Once I had it on there, I thought the paper on the front was a little too busy, but it was too late. I do like how the back turned out though. Again, I was able to use up a few leftover stickers from a page from long ago!

Eclipse last night was fantastic - lots of action, romance and some quite funny parts. The scenes with Charlie often make me laugh! Some of my fave scenes - the tent scene ( I was looking forward to that one), the "be careful" talk in the kitchen when Bella has to spell it out for Charlie (then he decides he likes Edward a little more!), Bella punching Jacob after he kisses her and Charlie trying to intervene when Edward and Jake start to argue after the kiss. What was your favorite part?
My little sis arrives tonight! We plan to see Eclipse again this weekend since she hasn't seen it yet - twist my rubber arm. Why not indulge just a little more! She also bought Remember Me last week, so we plan to watch that too while she is here - I guess it will be Eclipse one night and Remember Me the next - we will spend out days hanging out and doing fun stuff with the boys who adore their Auntie, and watch great movies at night! We even have plans to spend the day scrapbooking on Monday since the boys start up their summer camps on Monday before I head back to work on Tuesday. Looking forward to a great weekend with my lil' sis!
Hope you have a great day, holiday or not!
Shanna :)


  1. Love the clipbaords. Have a great barbeque!
    Linds x
    I still have 7 more sleeps till i see it!

  2. The clipboards are cute!!! Oh, I loved Eclipse...and I laughed my arse off at the "sex talk" in the kitchen!

    Happy Canada Day!!! (Or what's left of it, anyway...I'm a little late today!)

  3. Another great clipboard.

    I don't think I really have a favourite part of Eclipse. I just enjoyed this one a lot more than the other two.

  4. happy canada day - hope you didn't get too much rain :D


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