Saturday, April 9, 2011

Herd you were sick....

First up today is Pickle Pants adorned with what I call the "karate kid" get-up. He came up with this all by himself - I especially love the mint lifesaver inside the goggle lens!! Looks almost a little zombie-like...I couldn't help but share. :) Next up, a quickie card we made a week or so ago when we heard that our farmer friend, "Keither" was in hospital again. He is a very cool ole farmer who is very dear to our hearts and we worry a little about him as he lives alone but has difficulty with his lungs so needs oxygen. He is stubborn as a mule and still insists on keeping a variety of animals, including turkeys, donkeys, a pony, workhorses and a farm dog names Skip. Anyhow, when we heard he was in hospital again, we whipped up this quick rather "punny" card and popped it in mail as soon as we could. I think he will appreciate the pun! The best part about this card is that every single piece of paper came from my scrap bin!!!
I was really hoping to sneak into my scrap space last night, but found myself with little energy as I seem to be fighting a cold. Fingers crossed I'll get to sneak in there today.

Have a great weekend!

Shanna :)


  1. Ha ha..very PUN-ny card! Love it!

    Giggling at the lifesaver in the goggles get-up, too!

  2. he he, this is great! love the pun, I'm such a sucker for them, but they always make me smile, and the cow image is so appropriate. Take care :-)

  3. such a funny photograph, thanks for sharing!
    love your get well card, what a fabulous sentiment, guaranteed to bring cheer!
    enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    happy crafting, Debxx

  4. fab card...I love that sentiment too!!


  5. Ah cute card - love the image! Your poor friend I hope he gets better soon.
    Loving your sons costume!!! How adorable!
    Rachel and Angela


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