Sunday, November 1, 2009

Woo hoo, we got to meet Terri Clark!!!

I am heading out this evening to see Terri Clark in concert with a group of friends which is going to be so much fun - but we found out a few days ago that she would be making a special appearance at our local Canadian Superstore since her tour sponsor is Joe Clothing. Well, we headed over there a bit before 1 pm and joined the growing crowd. We were treated to two songs: If you want Fire (from her new album, The Long Way Home and Better Things to Do (from her self-titled album). She then signed autographs and we managed to snap a real quick photo of us with her - that is my best-friend Donna on the far left - and it turned out pretty good! We had her sign our new CD's and can't wait to create a layout with them and some of the photos we got!!!
I've been a Terri Clark fan for a long time - she has a great voice, a great attitude and I just love how genuine she seems to be. Also, she reminds me an awful lot of my sister, Krista. Well, if I get more pics I'll be sure to share them. I had better run, we are managing to get together for dinner before the show. Should be a fun evening! Hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday!


  1. that is wonderful - how cool :D

  2. Fantastic! My hubby went to school with her but she was older so he never really met her. I'd love the chance to say "hi" to Terri.


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