Saturday, March 6, 2010

Best Wishes from Edwin

Happy Saturday! Woo hoo it's the weekend!

Today's card is one I made awhile back and didn't get around to sharing. You may notice the Christmas tree in the backgrouond - I guess you call this one a "bucket card" then - learned that one from you Kelley! I found Kelley's blog recently via Sarah's blog (one of my regular reads) and so glad I did. Both of these girls have talent and fun stuff ! (Stephanie and Caroline - this is the blog I was telling you about that you should check out.) I had been hunting for this Edwin with Guitar stamp from Magnolia for a long time before I finally found it.

This is the card I came up with. I actually based this card on the first ever sketch from Paper Sundaes. Don't forget to visit Paper Sundaes tomorrow to check out our new challenge and check out who won this week's prize. If you haven't played along yet this week - you still have time if you can get into your craft room today...this week's challenge is a fantastic sketch, due by 11:59 pm EST tonight!

So, the funny part about this card... I made this one for my best friend's hubby. I adore the Magnolia stamps and I already knew that Donna wasn't a huge fan. Everyone has different tastes right and that's okay. What I didn't realize is that she actually finds them disturbing/scary, partly due to their lack of mouth. I had no idea about that -so it was kind of funny when her hubby opened his card and her reaction was a chuckle and oh no! I must admit that when I first met Tilda & Edwin I wasn't sure what to make of them, having no mouth and all - but they grew on me and it wasn't long before I was so in love!
So I'm curious - are you loving Tilda & Edwin or not so much?
I had some fun with the inside of this one too - we wrote our names in the "bubbles".
Wishing you a fantastic Saturday! Hubby is planning to take the boys tubing at the local ski hill this afternoon - woo hoo, that means a few hours of quiet and hopefully some time in my scrap space! I have been asked to be a "guest instructor" at my LSS - DATS's, in April and I need to design the cards for my class so that people can come to my blog to check them out when the classes are posted on Tuesday. This afternoon may well be my chance to do that. I also have to get cracking on my son's Birthday invites for later this month.
Shanna :)
p.s. Apparently I am very long winded today! A few of you asked about Donna's scrap room. If she does at some point share photos of her amazing space on her blog (and I have no idea if she plans to do this) - I will definitely let you know and give you a link. Some of us are actually trying to convince her she should submit to a magazine - that's how nice her space is!
What I used:
stamps: Edwin with Guitar
papers: CTMH - old stuff from a promo years ago, still love it though
sentiments: CTMH & Penny Black (inside)
misc: CTMH brads & ribbon, wooden button I picked up in a quilt shop


  1. So CUTE!!!! I just love the color palet!

  2. They don't bother me, but many of my crafting friends find them scary too without a mouth, lol. I always just chalked it up to that maybe Pauline didn't know how to draw them, lol...or since they are angels, maybe along the lines of angels don't talk?

    Anyhoo- your card is darling! Overall, I love Magnolia's images...but I stopped buying their stamps this year. I just feel like they've had enough time to get it together to get stuff on time for the holidays and they haven't.

  3. This is super cute. The lack of mouths doesn't scare me but I don't have any. Edwin looks great with those papers.

  4. Love this! I thought of my husband as soon as I saw the card! If only he had no mouth... ha ha ha ha ha!! Just kidding!

    Thanks for the sweet shout out! I feel the same about you/your blog! :)

  5. the card is super cutie but i'm not much for tilda and edwin either (the lack of mouth is a bit creepy :D)

  6. Awesome card !!!! I am disturbed by the lack of mouth too lol...although I like what others do with them.they are not on my wish list LOL...yay something I DON'T have to have.
    Thanks for the shout out !!

  7. Adorable card! I love them but this year I havent bought that many (which is a good thing) because I am loving the Bildmalarna stamps more because they have a mouth. I am so fickle in my stamp loves lol. That button is great~!


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