Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sparkle's Christmas Card Challenge - Week #13

Hi everyone,

I am sure in a "funk" this week! Thought I kicked it on Monday with a great day at work, but it came back again yesterday. Though I have not been creating, I do have cards and even a scrapbook layout to share, but just haven't felt like organizing a post! So, tonight I'm trying to pull it together and at least get something posted. It would probably do me a world of good to spend an hour or so in my scrap space once my boys are tucked in - we'll see. The possiblilty is good though since my hubby is at home tonight which is fairly rare with his work schedule. Since he cooked (woo hoo - BBQ steak!), I have to clean up, but if I get my post done quickly enough, I may just get the kitchen cleaned up before it's storytime - which means I may actually get time to craft after bedtime instead of spending all my quiet time cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes. Whew, apparently I am long-winded today!

Today's card is for Sparkle's Christmas Card challenge which is "open" this week. I love this cute image from Imaginisce. I had it for quite awhile before I finally inked it up, but I like it enough that I will probably end up making a few more of these for the Christmas cards stash. I have to admit that my favorite part about making this card was adding the stickles to that adorable heart! I am thrilled to say that I have completed 17 cards so far! I have never EVER been this ahead of the game for Christmas cards. I have not completely kept up with Sparkle's Challenge, but it sure is helping and I have a lot more fun making my Christmas cards this way!

Here's hoping you are all having a great week!
Shanna :)


  1. Very cute Christmas card, Shanna! I was going to try to do one a week but haven't kept it up, need to get back at it. I've been in a low energy funk here! I wish I could sneak in a week away, I could use a girls weekend!!

  2. Cute card! I need to start on mine right now too!! I am sorry you are in a funk! I think I am too! I am feeling really behind after not blog hopping for a few days and that seems to affect my mood. I like to stay caught up! Hope you feel better soon! :)

  3. love that card - hope you get out of your funk soon :D


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