Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday Invite

Happy Saturday!

These are the birthday invites I made for my eldest who turns eight on Saturday! I cannot believe he is going to be eight! I had to make about twelve of these, so really had to try to keep it simple - which is often easier said than done. Once I got the basic design together, I just couldn't help but play with my Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist! My only regret is that I decided to distress all the edges - time consuming for twelve cards when you are on a deadline - and add to that, most of the recipients won't even notice, right!?! Oh, the things we do!

I have to admit I cheated sort of - this one in particular is for Danderella's daughter and so I added some black buttons because it just needed them. The others didn't get buttons because quite frankly, I know they will end up filed under "G"! Even if that is where is goes at Danderella's, it's okay because I know she will appreciate the buttons, lol!

This week's challenge at Crazy for Challenges is masculine, so I am entering this over there. Even though it's simple, it's definitely masculine. :)

On a side note - completely unrelated to papercrafting - so I don't mind if you stop reading here....however, if you are a Twilight/Rob Pattinson fan, please read....

I had a girl's night out last night! I met up with Danderella and another friend - we went out for appetizers and saw "Remember Me." Now, many of you know that I am a fan of Twilight - more so the books than the movie - but that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to Eclipse coming out at the end of June! (Did you see that the trailer is out it and it comes up right away!) So, Danderella and I were just a teensy, weensy bit curious if Rob Pattinson could, you know, play a non-vampire role. We have decided that he did a pretty good job of playing a human named Tyler (love the name) and "Remember Me" was a really good movie! I have to admit I was somewhat surprised as I had little in the way of expectations for this movie and didn't really know much about it before hand, but as many of you know, I am more of a reader anyhow. The movie had an awesome twist that totally blindsided me - we decided it might actually be fun to watch it again when it comes out on DVD as when we thought back to the beginning, there were lots of little things that might have tipped us off to the twist, but somehow we missed them..... Hmmm, was I, were we all a little distracted by Rob's "bedroom eyes"? Maybe so.... He is no Edward from the novel - the Edward in my head is way better - and I think he is too skinny, but let's face the truth, I sure didn't mind watching him and those eyes on the big screen for two whole hours! LOL!

Hope you have a fantastic day! Please share if you've seen "Remember Me" - I wanna know what you think......

Shanna :)


  1. I love the invitations! I'm glad you liked the movie...might have to go see it now.

  2. What a great birthday invitation for boys!! They are one of the hardest to make, I find!

  3. 1. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    2. I LOVE your card! I have a helluva time making "boy" cards. You rock!

    3. I LOVE anything "Twilight" related. :)

    4. I haven't seen "Remember Me" yet, but I just might go on Monday, now that you've piqued by curiosity!

    5. I couldn't resist laughing at your banner....your hubby sounds like a trip!!

  4. These are such great invites! I love them.

    The Edward in my head is way better than Rob too. Funny how that it.

  5. Great card for the little guys! I don't blame you about the buttons, I too think of where the card is going when I accessorize!

  6. wow, fab invites, so cool, I am sure they will be more appreciated than you are expecting! my 9 year old would certainly think so! funny the Edward in my head was way better too! hugs Debx

  7. As you know I am a fellow Twihard however that being said I loved Robert Pattinson so much more in Remember Me... thought he was incredible and that the movie was AWESOME!!!! He is a much better actor than I gave him credit perhaps it's because Tyler was a character I had not read about 100 times and it enable me to appreciate his fine acting skills... hot body... beautiful eyes...... you get the idea... :)
    also thought your invite was very cute... :)

  8. This great... that glimmer mist looks fab!


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