Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yoshi and a sandwich

Check it out! After perusing Pinterest etc. with Nanny, Doodlepants decided he really wanted to be Yoshi this year! (He is big into anything Super Mario.) Well, it was a group effort (Auntie and I lent a hand and offer opinions, Doodlepants did the paper mache), but Nanny was the driving force behind it - thank goodness for Nannnies! 

His nose is a paper-mached balloon painted green. His cheeks are two little felt hats from the dollar store painted white - felt takes a LOT of paint! His eyes are styrofoam and it is all built onto a hard hat we picked up at the Thrift store and mostly glued together with a glue gun and lots of sticks of glue.

For his body, we got really lucky and found a home-made Ninja turtles costume also at the Thrift store. We also found this red zip pillow case the fit perfectly over the part that was originally a yellow shell since Yoshi has a red shell. I rolled some felt and glued it to the "backpack" to make his tail. 

Pretty cool costume - I think he found the head slightly heavy as it arrived home about 15 minutes before the boy on Halloween night, lol! I have a feeling he will be wearing it again next year - it is always fantastic when they like it that much!!!
I had to share this one of him having a snack of Vampire Teeth at the table when all his guest first arrived. I blurred the faces of the other children since they don't belong to me.

Below is Yoshi in our graveyard as well as a pic of Chester as a "Cam Sandwich" with his good buddy from around the corner (Danderella's daughter) who sewed her own costume this year! How awesome is that???
Well, I think that's a wrap for Halloween, I'll be back shortly to share a wintery card!

Shanna :)

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