Sunday, November 4, 2012

You're invited

Good morning!
I am finally getting around to posting the simple but fun birthday party invite that I made for my almost 8 year old's party. His birthday is later in November, but once in awhile, we celebrate early and make it a Halloween themed party. I figure if we are going to go "all out" for Halloween, we might as well have a party too!
I saw this "mummy card" idea many moons ago in a magazine, probably Papercrafts, and finally got around to executing it. I distressed the edges with Tim Holtz distress ink to give it a worn "mummyish" look, lol!

Here we have some of the party decor:
Witch Fingers - find recipe here
Pickled Brain - idea found on pinterest - it is simply cauliflower floating in water with some food colouring added (note to self - do not let this hang around too long - the smell was bad and there were copious amounts of slime, ick!)
Moth Dust - I simply labelled my jar of flour to make it fit with the decor
I added Chester's collection of "potions" and potion ingredients that "live" in his room (Harry Potter theme - click here to see) and voila - centrepiece!

I kept the goodie bags simple and just stamped my skeleton and Thanks. Unfortunately, I did not get a good photo of my "bones in a bag" - another idea I found on Pinterest thanks to Tammy!  Simply put small marshamallows on either end of small straight pretzels and dip in white chocolate (I used the wafer type that melt easily). I let them set on waxed paper and bags them up for party treats to take home.

Last but not least, here is "Dracula" toasting some marshmallows on the "campfire" that Chester made with Nanny. Another idea from Pinterest - they made the fake campfire by placing orange lights in the bottom of a shallow box, placing half plastic bottles on top (cap side up) then spraying and entire can of foam insulation (the type that fills cracks) all over the top. Once this was set, they covered in black spray paint. I place large rocks around the edges and set up the  fog machine behind to add to the realistic look. It was quite convincing! It is difficult to see the details in my photo, but the overall effect is what counts.

Off to do my morning workout, then hopefully sneak in a bit of time in my craftroom before heading off to the Christmas Tea at our local community centre.

Happy Sunday!

Shanna :)

p.s. I promise to be back real soon - I seem to have located my long lost MOJO!!! Hooray! 


  1. So the center piece, great card...adorable treat bag idea! Lee-Ann :)

  2. It all looks fantastic! What a fun party and your invite is absolutely wonderful. Happy Birthday to your son!


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