Thursday, January 20, 2011

Doggie Birthday Greetings

Like I said, I just kept going with those yummy Imaginisce is another version of Sunday's card - this time with an image instead of the sentiment, and one of the papers is flipped to reveal the fun swirlies. This image is one of those ones from my "stamped images" box that I've had for a long time and can't remember where it came from - High Hopes maybe? Anyhow, he's a cutie and was fun to color!

The sketch was from Friday Sketchers, it was defintely an easy one to play with. Another Birthday card for the stash - err, well, it probably won't be there long now that I look at the birthday list for the end of this month which, incredibly, is almost here!

Hubby came to bed just after 4 AM and started sawing logs and since I couldn't sleep I decided to stop trying and get up and take care of a few things. If I am asleep when he comes to bed and starts in on the snoring, it is not usually a problem - if I am awake when he comes to bed, it's a different story! So, now it's 5:30 - I'm heading back in there to try to go back to sleep otherwise I'm going to be a zombie by noon, and I have a busy day at work tomorrow. I really should have left him on the couch! Do you have snorers in your family?

Here's to another hour of sleep,
Shanna :)


  1. Another great card! I love the image. I finished 3 cards yesterday for the birthdays that I have this weekend.

    My pug & my husband snore in stereo for me. Normally I can fall asleep if my pug is snoring, but not my husband. I just nudge him & as long as he is on his left side, he doesn't snore. If he moves and snores after I am asleep, it doesn't normally bother me.

  2. Great card...Dave only snores when he's me... that's enough! Same thing goes...if I'm problem, but there's no falling asleep with that racket. Even with my earplugs in. Apparently, I also snore when I'm sick...doesn't bother me...payback's a bitch!

  3. How cute!! I love that little patch over his eye...heehee.

    Snorers. Hmmm. I woke myself up with my loud snoring this morning!!!

  4. What an adorable card, Shanna! I I believe that is a retired CC Designs stamp from their 'It's my Birthday' set.

  5. Great card Narna. Love the image.
    Hope you caught some zzzzzz's. Why does he get the urge to saw logs at that unearthly hour of the morning?!
    Yep Hubby is a snorer. A snorer in denial of the snoring. Trust me honey you snore!
    Linds x


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