Friday, January 7, 2011

A musical theme

Hello and Happy New Year! Although I have not been crafting, I do have some photos to share of a project I worked on before Christmas. I enjoy altering clipboards and turning them into gifts. This one is the one I did up for our piano teacher.

I found the pen, which matched perfectly, at a music store. Please excuse the not so great photos as I took them just before running out the door to our recital.

I had seen this quote on something in a gift store and looked it up on the internet. The thing I find the hardest about clipboards is trying to make them fun and interesting without adding too many layers or 3D embellishments - the front at the least needs to be flat for a proper writing surface.

And here is Chester on the day of his Recital. Though you cannot see it, he looked very spiffy in his shirt and tie! He played "O Come all Ye Faithful" and "The First Noel" and played beautifully!

After a little break over the holidays, our lessons started up again today - I was thrilled to see that our teacher is already using her clipboard and she made a point of showing me, so she must like it. That's what I love about homemade gifts.... :)
Hope you are having a great year so far. I'll be back soon, I hope, with some photos from our holiday adventures and hopefully some crafty stuff before too long.
Shanna :)


  1. Really your clipboards!

    Happy New Year! Lee-Ann xo

  2. The clipboard is awesome! Bet he loved it!

  3. Great clipboard, I may have to borrow that idea!

  4. Hi Hun. This is fabulous Darling! I keep thinking about doing a clipborad... Anyway, this one is great. Hope you had a luuuurverly festive break and enjoyed the holiday. xxx

  5. Another great clipboard. Keep this up and I am going to have to convince you to teach a workshop at the store on clipboards!


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