Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sparkle's Christmas Card Challenge #8

The challenge at Sparkle's Christmas Card Challenges this week is "no coloring." Well, stickers are not much my thing though I have lots of them, so I pulled out the stickers and put together this super quick card. The hardest part was finding ribbon the right color, but I think it looks okay for a quickie and I used up some stickers that I may never have done.

Hope you are all having a great weekend so far! Chester update - we thought we had to wait until Feb. 7th for his test, but I called back and pushed a little (well, I asked for my requisition back so I could go elsewhere) and we now have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday at 9 am!!! Never hurts to try eh? Now to get an apt at the paedeatrician's office....will work on that one Monday. Meantime, the poor guy is in good spirits.

We were meant to have house guests this weekend but that didn't pan out so our weekend is looking pretty low-key - can't complain considering the circumstances. And, we managed to get a babysitter for tonight so we can have a "date night" - we almost always go for dinner and then Walmart or the grocery store - so very romantic.!The last couple of times, we have challenged ourselves to avoid Walmart - even the babystitter gives us a hard time about going there! So help us out girls, help us avoid Walmart - where do you go when you get a night out with hubby?


Shanna :)


CTMH except ribbon which is SU


  1. Your card is wonderful, love that ribbon! Hope everything works out okay at the Dr next week and that you have a fun date night!
    Thanks for joining us at CCC again this week, great to see you again!

  2. ummmm not Walmart! It's called ASDA over here but same thing. Can't imagine having a date there! I've always fancied dinner at the top of the CN Tower, but, having never set foot in Canada can't recommend it personally!
    I think the card is great, you can't tell it's a sticker and it's a brilliant quickie!
    Good news about the docs too, keep pushing!
    Linds x

  3. Hey Shanna,

    Good for you for advocating and getting him in sooner. You won't get anywhere if you don't ask. I love that you used a sticker and it doesn't look like a sticker on your card. It is so pretty.

    As for date night, we only get out a couple of times a year, but it is always nice to go for a walk at the Marina (although a little cold right now). Sometimes we go to a movie, sometimes after dinner we go out and have a warm drink and sit and talk. Once in a while we go to Chapters and find some good magazines or books to read and just enjoy each other's company quietly.

    Enjoy your time together and hope your little man feels so much better soon.

  4. Great card! Doesn't it feel great to use something that has been around for awhile?

    Trevor and I have a date night tonight as I shall see you at WAL-MART! You know that we normally end up there as well, so I don't have any suggestions for you.

  5. Great fast card! Hope you had fun on your date night...hub and I went to the show.


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